South Australian Band Championships – Live Stream


Hahndorf Autumn

Brassbanned is excited to announce it will be live broadcasting the 2014 South Australian Band Championships. That’s right, the intrepid stream-team will be heading to Hahndorf – try to wrangle internet connections – and ultimately bring you (dear, constant and loyal viewer) another fabulous brass band live stream.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The musical side of things definitely sounds amazing. I’ve had a sneak peak at the program, and there will be a number of excellent venues used over the course of the weekend – so if you’re anywhere remotely close to Adelaide, make sure you get along in person. If, however, you’re not so close – rest assured that the Brassbanned Stream-Team will be doing everything in its power to bring most of the action your way.

As there are a relatively large number of venues running at the same time, we will not be able to broadcast absolutely everything. Instead, we’ll cherry-pick the events that:

  1. Are in the venues with the best internet connections
  2. Seem like they will be interesting to most people
  3. Have convenient parking spaces

So, we do apologize in advance if we happen to miss a section that you were keen to see! Also – worth noting that Hahndorf is right on the cusp of 3G / 4G… so we will be relying on many things going right for the live stream to happen. Cross your fingers!More updates as they come to hand. I’ll be doing a site inspection on Friday afternoon, hoping to find out a little bit more about the various internet connections on offer.

So, over the next few days make sure you know how to plug your laptop into your big TV, you’ve got your finest speakers ready – and stock up your fridge. We both know that you won’t be leaving the house this weekend… not when there’s a brass band live stream on Brassbanned!