Recap: 2024 Australian National Band Championships

Elder Hall at night

Sincere thanks to everyone who made the 2024 Australian National Band Championships a fabulous and memorable event. We thoroughly enjoyed broadcasting every single performance, and were so impressed with how well bands are playing in all grades, and from right around the country. Big thanks to bands and musicians who were attending for the first time (or the first time in a long time).

Well done to the incredibly hard working organisers, wonderful volunteers, amazing musicians and all those loved ones who support us in our musical endeavours. Also thanks to the sponsors of the streaming – Ozwinds, Besson, Geneva and more.

Finally – thanks to you, Loyal Viewers, for tuning in and ensuring every performance was watched by a massive online audience. We think that banding in Australia is getting better and better – everyone is listening to each other, and we are really stretching what’s possible and expected in our banding scene. Every band was a winner for getting up on stage. All that rehearsing was worth it!

See you at Bendigo for the 2025 Championship (or maybe before at some of your State contests).

We wish it was Easter again already – only 383 sleeps to go…!

All performances are able to be rewatched on YouTube for a few days until copyright strikes mean they need to be taken down. We wish they could stay up forever, unfortunately that’s usually not the case.

Keep an ear out for the BrassbannedCast podcast which will be continuing on throughout the year… If you are interested in appearing as a guest, please get in touch.