QLD Band Festival – 2020


Brassbanned has teamed up with the Queensland Band Association to bring you a virtual event in 2020. We are excited to present bands from across Queensland (and special guests from Tasmania!) performing Hymn, Entertainment, Major Work and Stage March performances.

We will be live from 11am (QLD time) on Saturday October 24:

Running Order (all times in AEST / QLD time!):

11am – D Grade
12:15pm – C Grade
1:15pm – Non-Competitive
1:45pm – Junior Concert
2:00pm – Junior Brass
2:15pm – B Grade
4:30pm – A Grade

D Grade

Maryborough Brass

  • Hymn: Nicea (Himes)
  • Major Work: A Royal Mile Suite (Fernie)
  • Entertainment: King of the Road
  • March: New Colonial

Queensland Services Heritage Band

  • Hymn: Divinity (Percy Code)
  •  Major Work: Casbah (Jones)
  • Entertainment: Birdland (Jones)
  • March: Charles Upham (Kirk-Burnnand)

Brolga Brass [Mark Smith]

  • Hymn: Lloyd (Howard/Fernie)
  • Entertainment: (Everything I do) I do it for you
  • March: Slaidburn (Rimmer)

Brisbane Brass Juniors

  • Hymn: Times Passed (Fernie)
  • Entertainment: A Night at the Opera (Fernie)
  • March: Slaidburn (Rimmer)

C Grade

Sunshine Brass

  • Hymn: Mid All The Traffic (Ballantine)
  • Major Work: Viking Age (Deleruyelle)
  • Entertainment: Seventy Six Trombones (Willson)
  • March: On the Quarter Deck (Alford)

Glenorchy City Community Brass

  • Hymn: Lord, thou art questioning (Myers/Davis)
  • Major Work: Brilliant Beatles (Lennon & McCartney)
  • March: Rosehill (Jakeway)

Brisbane Brass 3

  • Hymn: The Seal Lullaby (Whitacre/Fernie)
  • Major Work: Viking Age (Deleruyelle)

Non Competitive


  • Hymn: Eventide (Monk)
  • Major Work: Antarctica (Wittrock)
  • March: Slaidburn (Rimmer)

MYME Senior Brass

  • Hymn: Amazing Grace (Himes)
  • Major Work: Circus Suite (Johnson)
  • March: Slaidburn (Rimmer)

Junior Concert

QSHBA – Bayside Youth Band

  • Hymn: Eventide (Monk arr. Jones)
  • Major Work: Eclipse (Jones)
  • Entertainment: Swing Mood (Jones)
  • March: March Kinkora (Jones)

Junior Brass

Townsville Brass Youth Band

  • Hymn: Crimond
  • Entertainment: Mack the Knife (Weill)
  • March: Death or Glory!

B Grade

Toowoomba Municipal

  • Hymn: Love Divine (Goodall)
  • Major Work: Variations on Laudate Dominum (Gregson)
  • Entertainment: Traversada (Waespi)
  • March: The Bombardier (Powell)

Brisbane Brass 2

  • Hymn: A Child’s Lullaby (Sheldon / Oakley)
  • Major Work: Candide Overture (Bernstein/Howard)
  • Entertainment: Blues March
  • March: The Coassack (Rimmer)

Townsville Brass

  • Hymn: Swedish Folk Song (Graham)
  • Major Work: Music for a Festival (Sparke)
  • Entertainment: River Deep, Mountain High

Brisbane Excelsior Windsor Brass

  • Hymn: Peace (Downie)
  • Major Work: Lions of Legends (Deleruyelle)
  • Entertainment: Macarthur Park
  • March: Cornish Cavalier (Moyle)

A Grade

Glenorchy City Concert Brass

  • Hymn: The Day Thou Gavest (Schofield)
  • Major Work:
  • Entertainment: Puttin’ on the Ritz (Berlin/Snell)
  • March: Keighley Moor (Sir Joe Cook)

South Brisbane Federal Brass

  • Hymn: In Perfect Peace (Downie)
  • March: Mercury (Van der Roost)

Brisbane Brass

  • Major Work: The Essence of Time (Graham)
  • Entertainment: La Fiesta (Corea)