NSW Band Championships – Live!


Team Brassbanned is heading to Penrith this weekend to bring you spellbinding coverage of the 2018 NSW State Band Championships!

After last week’s ‘big ohhhhh wow’ of a weekend (where we covered the NZ Concert Band Festival, South Australian Championship and Victorian Championship), we are headed to Penrith (known by many as the heart of cultured Sydney) to cover the NSW Band Championships.

An annual highlight of Australia’s community music-making scene, the NSW Band Championship sees thousands of musicians descend on Penrith to showcase their sublime music making skills. Brassbanned will be transmitting the joy and pure emotion of each and every performance.

However… We will only have around 90 minutes to set up two venues, as we don’t have access to the hall until the morning of the contest. So – if you (or anyone you know) is around Penrith and knows how to roll a cable, make sure you get in touch with Tim.

We will release the full schedule of all competing bands (with the program, and approximate section start times) on Saturday morning.

See you on the stream!