Live Streaming New Zealand National Brass Band Competition


Hi Loyal Viewers – I hope you’re all doing really well

Have you been keeping up with the latest brass band happenings? Did you hear who won the European Championships? Did you hear that Box Hill band got moved up to A Grade? Does anyone know if the magnificent Townsville Band got re-graded as well? Did you wonder when someone will put together a World Championship – inviting bands from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the brass banding world to show their goods (hey – that’s a good idea…hmmm)? Did you wish you were able to be a band nerd and be cool all at the same time? Have you missed the sensational broadcasts from Brass Band? Well, don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok.

The stream-team at Brassbanned is very happy to announce they will officially be Live Streaming New Zealand Nationals – that’s right, a live stream of the 2014 New Zealand Brass Band Championship! You’ll be able to sit back at home in the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden – anywhere at all – and watch and listen to some of the world’s best bands compete for glory in NZ.


The competition runs July 9-13. We will be live streaming from the Civic Theatre (from sub-tropical Invercargill) over the Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday. We will be bringing you every band that plays in the hall. We will also see what’s possible in terms of live broadcasting the Parade of Bands. However, that will be a little tricky (even for us), so no promises.

Over the coming weeks I will get as much information as possible about all the competing bands, the various test pieces and everything else that I know you need to know. Keep an eye on the site and stay tuned for all the information about Brassbanned: Live Streaming New Zealand Nationals!