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Hall 1- NSW Band Championships

Team Brassbanned will be live all weekend from the 2023 NSW Band Championships! We are excited to hear all the bands – and thrilled to see such a large number of concert bands coming along. We will be live from two halls simultaneously. This page will present ‘Hall 1’ – which will have all of the concert bands. Hall 2 (on a different page) will have all the brass bands, and a few concert bands as well.

Schedules will be released on the morning of the contest, but here is the general timetable for Hall 1 over the weekend.

 Concert Hall 
 Junior B ConcertMorning Session Start Time: 9.00am
1Arden Symphonic Wind Ensemble – John BuckleyHymn – Wayfaring Stranger – Christopher M. Nelson
  Test – Art in the Park – Robert Sheldon
  Own Choice – Bulgarian Dances – Franco Cesarini
2Northholm Grammar School Symphonic Wind Ensemble – Dr Luis MadridHymn – On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss – David R. Holsinger
  Test – To The Summit! (Strive for the Highest) – Robert W Smith
  Own Choice – The Witch and the Saint – Steven Reineke
3Scots All Saints College – Bathurst – Elizabeth SargeantHymn – Redemption – Rossano Galante
  Test – To The Summit! (Strive for the Highest) – Robert W Smith
  Own Choice – Four: On a Remix of Beethoven – Randall D Standridge
 Junior C ConcertNot to start before 11.30am
1Northholm Grammar School Concert Band – Dr Luis MadridHymn – Air for Band – Frank Erickson
  Test – Schaefer’s Old Time Dances – Tim Ferrier
  Own Choice – Nathan Hale Trilogy – James Curnow
2Monte Sant’ Angelo Wind Ensemble – Catherine WalmsleyHymn – Hymn for a Child – James Swearingen
  Test – The Butterfly (Roars) – Claire Petherick
  Own Choice – Equlilbrium – Michael Oare
3Northern Sydney Youth Orchestra Winds – Tim FerrierHymn – On Joyful Wing arr Michael Sweeney
  Test – Oracles of the Sirocco – Robert Sheldon
  Own Choice – Seagate Overture – James Swearingen
4St Ives High School Concert Band 1 – Mitchell TogherHymn – On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss – David R. Holsinger
  Test – Eiger – A Journey to the Summit – James Swearingen
  Own Choice – Oregon – Jacob de Haan
5Wollongong Conservatorium of Music Symphonic Band – David RooneyHymn – Chant des Marais – Rudi Goguel arr Michel Nowak
  Test – Into The Clouds! – Richard Saucedo
  Own Choice – Uprising – Matthew Bellamy arr Steve Hodges
6Knox Grammar School Concert Band – Geoff PowerHymn – On a Hymnsong of Lowell Mason – arr. David Holsinger
  Test – Sea Songs – Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Robert Longfield
  Own Choice – Tournament – Stephen Bulla
 Junior D ConcertNot to start before 3.30pm
1Monte Sant’ Angelo Concert Band – Catherine WalmsleyHymn – A Childhood Hymn – David R. Holsinger
  Test – Sci-Fi – Tim Ferrier
  Own Choice – Operation Invictus – Amy Webb
2Knox Grammar School Year 7 Wind Band – James Brice OAMHymn – Down By The Sally Gardens – arr. Michael Sweeney
  Test – Sci-Fi – Tim Ferrier
  Own Choice 1 – Sparks – Brian Balmages
  Own Choice 2 – Blue Ridge Reel – Brian Balmages
3Arden Secondary Concert Band – John BuckleyHymn – Swing Low Sweet Chariot – Steve Rouse
  Test – First Suite in Eb – Gustav Holst
  Own Choice – Declaration Overture – Claude T Smith
4Jasper Road Public School Performing Bandwithdrawn
5Greater Western Sydney Public School Concert Band – Richard SandhamHymn – Ancient Flower – Yukiko Nishimura
  Test – Letter From Sado – Jodie Blackshaw
  Own Choice – From the Highest Peak – Robert Buckley
6Brigidine College Junior Concert Band – Charlie LovelockHymn – Bring to Light – Tyler Arcari
  Test – Pevensey Castle – Robert Sheldon
  Own Choice – Highlights from the Broadway Musical Annie – Charles Strouse, arr. Johnnie Vinson
 Junior A ConcertImmediately to follow Junior D Concert
1Knox Grammar School Symphonic Wind Ensemble – James BriceHymn – Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me – William Henry Monk, arr. Fred J. Allen
  Test – Crown of Thorns – Julie Giroux
  Own Choice – Puszta – Jan Van der Roost

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