Invercargill – Landed!


Hi Loyal Viewers,

Good news! The All-Star-Brassbanned-Stream-Team has arrived safe and sound in Invercargill. Even better, our gear has all arrived safe and sound as well. We are currently trying to beat the heat by keeping cool in our perfectly located motel.

Tomorrow, we’ll be heading to the Civic Theatre at about 9am to get everything set up, and check the internet connection. Keep your fingers crossed for us – if we managed to get on to a good internet connection, we will be able to broadcast to you in HD!

We will also be checking in with the local Vodafone shop to see if we can access the 4G network. If we can access 4G, we’ll do our best to bring you some mobile live streams, over and above what is listed on the current broadcast schedule page. I will keep the page updated throughout the day – but keep an eye out as we may live stream the Champion of Champions at 7:30pm NZ Time.

We have had a look at the schedule in the printed programs – logistically, we’re not sure if we will be able to live stream all the bands as well as the Street March. There are 5 B Grade bands playing from 11am, with the street march starting at 1pm. Apologies in advance if we miss part of the final B Grade band’s performance in preference for the street march… again, we’ll keep you very updated around all of this!

That’s all for now loyal viewers… Check back soon!