Bump in: Complete!


Loyal Viewers,

Thanks for all the finger crossing that no doubt you did for us! The good news is that we have now successfully completed the bump in into the Civic Theatre, ready to live stream the NZ Nationals Band Events, starting tomorrow.

You will be able to view the stream by clicking here – or ‘watch now’ at the top of the page

The slightly less good news, is that we were unable to connect to the very fast network. Instead, we’ve connected into the slower connection. We will therefore be unable to provide a HD live stream, but instead be delivering a very very good SD stream.

Also, we have managed to connect the the Vodafone 4G Network. This means we will be doing our best to stream the Street March events tomorrow (at 1pm, NZ Time) as well as the Champion of Champions event tonight (Thursday), starting at 7:30pm NZ Time.

Please remember to share the links to the live stream with anyone you know that likes brass music! We will also be conducting interviews with local people of interest throughout the competition. If you think you’re one of them, come say hi to us up the back of the Theatre, and we will have a chat with you.

See you live online tonight at 7:30pm, and tomorrow from 8:30am (NZ time… GMT + 12). If anything changes in regard to the Champion of Champions or Street March live streams, I’ll post updates here.