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Broadcast Schedule

Hi Loyal Viewers – here is our full broadcast schedule for the 2023 Australian National Band Championships.

Please note that we only really know the start time of each day. We have put in the estimated section start times for the entire weekend, but things might run late.

On each day we will post the full list of bands and their repertoire on the different Hall 1 / 2 / 3 watch now pages.

Friday – Brass Bands, Hymn and Test

Hall 1 – Civic Theatre
A Grade (12 bands)9:30 AM
D Grade (4 bands)6:45 PM (estimated)
Hall 2 – City Hall
C Grade (8 bands)10:00 AM
B Grade (14 bands)2:30 PM (estimated)

Saturday – Concert Bands and Junior Brass

Hall 1: Civic Theatre
Open B Grade Concert9:00 AM
Open A Grade Concert3:00:00 PM (maybe later)
Hall 2: City Hall
Junior A Concert10:00 AM
Junior B Concert1:30:00 PM (maybe later)
Open D Concert4:15:00 PM (maybe later)
Hall 3: Newcastle Con
Junior C Brass Hymn and Test11:00 AM
Junior B Brass Hymnd and Test
Junior C Brass Own Choice
Junior B Brass Own Choice
Junior C Concert2:45pm Estimated
Open C Concert4:45pm Estimated

Sunday – Brass Bands, Own Choice and Stage March

Hall 1 – Civic Theatre
Open D9:30 AM
Open A12:00pm estimated
Hall 2 – City Hall
Open C9:00 AM
Open B1:45pm estimated

Monday – Solos

Hall 1 (Theatre)

Junoir Euphonium

Junior High Tuba

Junior Low Tuba

Junior Brass CoC

Open Euphonium

Open Brass Champion of Champions

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